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The Boston University Center for Computational Science (CCS) was founded in 1990 to coordinate and promote computationally based research, to foster computational science education and to provide for the expansion of computational resources and support. Computational Science at Boston University.

CCS provides a forum for the multidisciplinary exchange of ideas among researchers, educators and students. Regularly scheduled seminars as well as workshops and symposia are offered to highlight advances in computational science. CCS has acted to develop and facilitate the formulation of projects in computationally based research and education, working with scientists from 20 different departments and centers.

CCS works in close collaboration with Information Services & Technology, in particular with its Scientific Computing and Visualization (SCV) group, in the development of resources to support computational science. The high performance computing and visualization systems at Boston University currently include the IBM Blue Gene, an IBM pSeries 655, an IBM BladeCenter Linux Cluster, an Intel Pentium III Linux Cluster, our Deep Vision Display Wall, the Access Grid Conference Facility, the Laboratory for Virtual Environments and the Computer Graphics Laboratory. SCV provides documentation, training and support for using these facilities and accepts applications for accounts on-line.

CCS offers a Certificate in Computational Science to graduate students in engineering and science pursuing a Ph.D.

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