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ACES Training Program

Advanced Computation in Engineering and Science

The ACES program at Boston University integrates multidisciplinary training in computational science with established doctoral programs. ACES trainees will earn a Certificate in Computational Science by completing additional requirements, gain access to state of the art supercomputing and visualization facilities and pursue opportunities for internships at government laboratories, industrial research centers of foreign supercomputer centers.

Applying for Admission to the ACES Program

A student requesting admission to the ACES program should present a regular application to or already be enrolled in the Ph.D. program of one of the participating departments. In addition the student should send a letter addressed to Professor David Coker, Director, Center for Computational Science, stating the following:

1. Why you wish to be considered for the ACES program, including a summary description of your background and your motivation for pursuing computational science.

2. Which department's Ph.D. program you have applied to (or have been admitted to).

3. Your commitment to fulfilling the requirements of the ACES program.

Please send this letter to the attention of Cheryl Endicott, Center for Computational Science, Boston University, 3 Cummington Street, Boston, MA 02215

ACES Trainees and Postdocs

For Further Information Contact:

ACES Program
Center for Computational Science
Boston University
3 Cummington Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Participating Departments



Computer Science

Cognitive and Neural Systems

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mathematics and Statistics

Mechanical Engineering



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