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Parallel Algorithms & Programs

CAS CS512 - Spring Semester (alternate years)
A. Heddaya

This course focuses on solving computational problems in parallel, beginning with a brief study of the fundamental limits of parallelism. We will cover parallel algorithms from a variety of domains, including: linear algebra (e.g., solving linear equations, performing FFT transforms), graph theory (e.g., message routing), combinatorics (e.g., sorting and searching, a-b search, generating permutations, and bin-packing), and synchronization (e.g., systolic pipelines, barriers, shared memory read/write).

A theme of the course will be the high sensitivity of algorithms and their performance to architectural variation in machines. Another theme will be the ties between parallel and distributed computing that enable the efficient distributed execution of some parallel algorithms. Algorithm performance will be analyzed mathematically, and a selection of algorithms will be programmed and analyzed experimentally. Thus, students will be able to empirically evaluate the validity of insights obtained from the theoretical study of parallel algorithms. At the same time, the programming activity will introduce students to the tools of parallel computing, from programming languages to debuggers, to data visualization aids.

Co-Requisite Laboratory/Seminar

Students from the advanced parallel computing courses meet together as a group in the weekly Laboratory/Seminar. The Seminar provides a vehicle for interdisciplinary presentations by students of their project work in the courses and serves as a forum for instruction in advanced computational techniques. The meetings are held in the advanced workstation laboratory specially designed for these courses to provide for interactive participation.

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