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Advanced Scientific Computing in Physics

CAS PY421 - Spring Semester
C. Rebbi

This course introduces advanced computational techniques for the solution of research problems in physics. The data parallel paradigm is illustrated through highly computationally intensive applications. All of the techniques are presented in the context of specific projects. For some problems, students are asked to play the role of application scientists, working with the supercomputer in an interactive manner to perform a variety of numerical experiments. For other problems, students are required to take an active part in designing the code that will be used for the solution. Emphasis in all cases will be on the importance that the proper formulation of a problem plays for its ultimate computational solution.

Co-Requisite Laboratory/Seminar
Students from the advanced parallel computing courses meet together as a group in the weekly Laboratory/Seminar. The Seminar provides a vehicle for interdisciplinary presentations by students of their project work in the courses and serves as a forum for instruction in advanced computational techniques. The meetings are held in the advanced workstation laboratory specially designed for these courses to provide for interactive participation.
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