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ACES Presentation
Konstantin Voevodski
Boston University - Computer Science
"Internship Completed at University College London"
Friday - December 5, 2008
12:00 noon
Physics Research Building - Room 595
3 Cummington Street

"UCL's GENIUS (Grid Enabled Neurological Imaging Using Simulation) Project"

This talk will give an overview of UCL's GENIUS (Grid Enabled Neurological Imaging Using Simulation) project. The goal of the project is to provide clinicians computational tools to study cardiovascular disease. The GENIUS GUI (graphical user interface) allows the user to download and view a set of medical images, generate a vasculature map, and model the fluid dynamics to determine potential sites of aneurysm or blockage. The challenges of implementing the user interface will be discussed, and a more detailed overview of the project given.









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