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" Newly Discovered Star Clusters in the Milky Way"

Emily Mercer
Astronomy Department
Boston University
February 24, 2006
The Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire (GLIMPSE) Team has recently produced a large database of infrared point sources in the inner Galaxy. The database, which includes a high-reliability catalog and an archive of point sources, is being generated from mid-infrared images taken by the Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) aboard the Spitzer Space Telescope. We have developed an algorithm that uses the GLIMPSE point source catalog and archive to systematically search for and detect star clusters. The software operates by locating and characterizing significant over-densities in the sky distribution of point sources. Using cluster-based modeling techniques we are able to detect star clusters and measuring several of their properties, including location, angular size, and member density.

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